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Specialty Administration Services

Specialty Administration Services (SAS) administers innovative extended service plans (ESPs) and warranty programs for retailers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in numerous consumer, insurance and automotive markets. Experts in the Automotive, RV, Marine, Powersports and Home warranty markets.

Our company is focused on customer success through product innovation and unparalleled service excellence. Each of our products is developed with the customer in mind, to increase profitability, enhance market differentiation, and build long-term relationships.


Who Are We?

Specialty Administration Services (SAS) are an experienced team of professionals, dedicated to providing the highest standard of service, and the best service contract administration company in North America. With over 50 years of administration expertise…we take your business seriously.


Our Mission

” To be the partner of choice to the vehicle, insurance, and consumer market by providing expert after sales solutions that reflect professional core values, through a range of personalised products and services. ”

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SAS is dedicated to get your repairs handled quickly and seamlessly to get back on the road. SAS is staffed with the most knowledgeable truck personal in the industry. All approved claims are paid using Visa express pay to make sure there are no delays. SAS claims experts will help you through any repair process even if the repair is not warrantable.

Our Services

Gain a competitive edge on your competition by choosing SAS as your own personal administration services company.

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