SAS is dedicated to get your repairs handled quickly and seamlessly to get back on the road. SAS is staffed with the most knowledgeable trailer personnel in the industry. All approved claims are paid using Visa express pay to make sure there are no delays. SAS claims experts will help you through any repair process even if the repair is not warrantable.

Specialty Administration Services is the trailer industry’s ONLY administration company built and designed specifically for the trailer market. World Class service and support from people that KNOW trailers!

Claims Assistance

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It is the responsibility of the Contract Holder (vehicle owner) to authorize the repair facility to inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot any problem they are experiencing. Contract Holders are responsible for any charges for diagnostics until a warrantable failed part has been identified. The part in question must be listed in the service contract in order to be eligible for coverage. At that point SAS will initiate the claim, negotiate with the repair facility and process agreed amount of payment. The Contract Holder is responsible to pay the stated deductible amount in their contract, any additional labor costs above the maximum reimbursement amount stated in the contract, shop supplies fees, any other repairs made that are not approved repairs and any other charges that are not specified in the contract. Repairs made without prior authorization will not be eligible


SAS will need a detailed estimate that contains what diagnostics were performed, electronic supporting documents such as ECM printouts showing the fault codes, OEM diagnostic data if available, photographs of failed parts if available and an itemized list of the parts required to repair a warrantable failed part. It is imperative we receive this data as soon as possible because without supporting documentation the claim process will be delayed. Repairs made without prior authorization will not be eligible.


Once SAS approves the claim either verbally or in writing they will send you a detailed list of the parts and labor that they will be paying the shop directly for, which could include seals, gaskets, fluids, sales tax, parts and labor to complete the approved repair. When SAS receives the final invoice signed by the Contract Holder and all supporting documentation, they will issue a credit card payment immediately for the approved dollar amount. After the card has been processed SAS will need a copy of the transaction receipt.


Any repairs made to the trailer without prior authorization will result in the automatic claim denial, even for covered parts. Please call Claim Department at 888-668-4360.